Fortnite is throwing yet another party in its new Party Royale mode

Fortnite is throwing yet another party in its new Party Royale mode. Last week’s Diplo show was something of a test and proof of concept, but this is supposed to be the “official” opening of the mode, with a concert featuring live sets from famed DJs Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis and deadmau5, starting at 9 PM ET.

But Epic also has a free gift to mark the occasion, one that appears to be a limited time offering that you won’t want to miss.

That would be the Neon Wings back bling, seen above in a screenshot on a character, and below in the released promotional image for it. Fortnite has many wing-themed back blings, but none quite like this, and I hear that it actually pulses with the music, a rare “reactive” back bling, so that’s pretty cool.

So, how do you earn it? Simply show up to the game in a specific time window.

If you log into Fortnite, not just Party Royale, any time from today, Friday, May 8 at 6 PM ET to Monday, May 11 at 10 AM ET, you will be gifted the back bling for free, which Epic describes as “perfect” for tonight’s show, likely given its music reactivity.Today In: Games

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As a refresher, Party Royale is the new “chill space” in Fortnite v bucks generator, a new, smaller island where there are no guns to kill fellow players with, there are no materials you can build with and you cannot destroy the environment, which includes a town plaza, a pirate ship, race tracks and more, like the concert stage everyone is being herded to tonight.

I attended last week’s Diplo show which was somewhat awkward at first, but ended up being kind of fun. I think that one primary thing Epic needs to do to improve these shows is allow more people to get into a Party Royale instance at a time. The concert area is pretty big, and it comes off a little dead when you have at most, something like 18-24 players there, as it leaves a lot of empty space and feels like it would if you were attending a real-life concert with only 20 people there. A bit weird.

Still, I had fun, and for three DJs for the price of one tonight, I am looking forward to seeing how the event has evolved in just week’s time. This is one of the most Metaverse type things the game has done yet, doubly so given that everyone is stuck at home in quarantine lockdown and these are the only concerts anyone can actually go to.

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